At GNS we offer an affordable range of skincare, where ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, no animal products are used and none of our ingredients or products are ever tested on animals. Using these wonderful oils, fats and butters we are working with nature to get the optimum results for your skin.

Gigha's Natural Skincare -‘Hand Blended on the Island of Gigha'

The ethos of the company is to promote an affordable SkincareRange, made with active plant materials working in harmony with your skin, freefrom harmful parabens (preservatives), mineral oils and animal products,sourcing quality ingredients that are fairly traded and ethically produced.Made in small batches to ensure longer life of the product for you and theoptimum effectiveness of the natural oils used. Do not store products in directsunlight, this will impair their shelf life.

Morven has been blending oils and making cream for over ten years, she had severe Eczema in her teens and found many off the shelf products either unsuitable or prohibitively expensive, oils have been carefully chosen over the years and selected for their individual properties in each product.

At the gallery Morven offers holistic treatments such as Reiki and Ear candling, massage, Douglas Heel 123 Activation. By appointment only.